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ljcoonpockets's Journal

Because Allan Keyes isn't the only one
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One day a bunch of coloreds got together on the internet. They chatted about things ranging from entertainment to politics and noticed there were many People of Color who enjoy licking the boots of The Man. The coloreds wondered "Where are all these coons coming from?" And, then ljcoonpockets was born.

What is a Coon?

A Coon a Person of Color who is perceived by others to be obsequiously servile to white people or unnecessarily accommodating of Whites


1) This community is not for discussing how unfair the world is for whites. If anyone complains about racism towards whites, they will be stabbed.

2) This community is not for competing over who is more oppressed. Any women/gays/handicapped/poor/non-Americans/etc. who come to complain about being oppressed will be stabbed.

3) All coons will be stabbed, repeatedly. Then burned and fed to rich, white children. The children will then be burned and fed to dogs.

4) Anyone can be called a coon. If you don't like it feel free to leave.

5) White coons Special Snowflakes are always welcome