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5/17/06 03:47 pm - acidcookiegirl - So THAT'S Coonery!

I got to meet a real live coon yesterday.

Since my boss (a real estate agent) has too many damned listings, I was at a high end apartment building doing an open house. I hung out in the lobby and when all two people showed up, I walked them up to the apartment.

In the interim, I got to see the doorman at work...
He's on older Black man who's been working at this building for 20 years plus. I got to watch him talk smack about the cleaning people, yell at the service people for not using the service elevator...scream at people about parking (they valet park), and a litany of other little things. Of course, he was the perfect skinnin' and grinnin' gent with the residents. I was floored. I think he REALLY thought in his thick little skull that he was the residents' equals. I'd been in the building for the last two opens and he was cordial only when he found out I was working for my boss (who once upon a time lived in the building).

*Sigh* It was a sad sight indeed.
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